Friday, July 5, 2013

Interview: Francis Kershaw of Odd Socks - Bristol, UK

By Chris McGinty (

In May, I wrote a blog post discussing a couple of unsigned bands I’d been listening to recently. I listen to a lot of groups when I’m searching for obscure music, but very few of them become part of my regular rotation of listening. Odd Socks quickly became part of that rotation.

When I wrote about Odd Socks, I simply said that I didn’t know anything about the project other than that I enjoyed it, and mentioned that I would try to get an interview. And I did.

According To Whim: Tell me a little about you and a little about Odd Socks.

Francis Kershaw: My name's Francis Kershaw but all music I upload is under the name Odd Socks. Initially because I wanted to keep a bit of anonymity from friends and family (I was pretty tentative/shy about the songs I'd written) but now more because someday I see Odd Socks being more than just me, but a band setup with more members contributing to the creative process. I live in Bristol, UK studying at the university so I'm hoping that this year I might do something more with the project, but only if I find the right people.

ATW: What is your course of study?

FK: I study French and Politics at the university.

ATW: Is there any particular reason you chose the name Odd Socks?

FK: Honestly I can't really remember why I picked that name. I feel like there should be some profound story behind why, but in the end, I think it must have been that at the time I thought it sounded cool.

ATW: What is your recording process?

FK: The recording process literally involves nothing more than my guitar and a tiny four-track Boss recording device. Any riff or idea I have goes directly onto the Boss and I go from there in terms of making a song. The main issue I have with it is that I'm actually primarily a drummer. Being unable to record my own drum parts gets very frustrating, since I’m limited to the drum loops provided on the rhythm section of the device, but I do my best with them to make demos that are acceptable.

ATW: So would you play drums in a full band set up, or is that tentative based on who you find to work with?

FK: It's hard to know what role I'd play. Part of me feels far more confident drumming than singing. At the same time, I'm sure I'd get uncomfortable with someone else singing songs that I'd written, so it would really depend on the situation.. Unless I found a front-man who really delivered the tunes better than I ever could, I reckon I'd have to take control of that aspect.

ATW: What motivates you musically?

FK: My main motivations musically, I guess, stem for my obsession with a number of bands, such as the Arctic Monkeys, Bloc Party, and the Strokes, and trying to emulate their sound in a small way. For the moment, I'm not particularly ambitious with the songs I've written, but I try to make stuff that I enjoy listening to myself, so I'll continue along those lines and see where things go.

ATW: Is there anything else you'd like to discuss?

FK: I've been on a bit of a roll with new songs in the past couple of weeks so it’s worth mentioning that I've uploaded four songs recently to Soundcloud, entitled 'Vicious Triangle', 'Broke Man', 'It Would Be Rude' and 'Shock Revelation' and would appreciate any feedback from people who've given them a listen!

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