Friday, June 7, 2013

We Want to Interview Your Band (or Other Creative Project)

By Chris McGinty (According To

In the interest of cohesion and content generation, Nathan and I discussed something of a format for the According To Whim blog recently. It is According To Whim, so we can always go off-format, and we have an open-topic day on Wednesday, but for the most part we wanted to focus on a couple of main topics for a while. One of those topics is interviews with creative people about who they are and what they do. I titled this in a way that sounds like the focus is on bands, but it was just to streamline the name. We’re interested in all forms of art and creative work. Below is an example list, but not all inclusive. Please note that we were testing the waters with the interviews, so what we have to present right now is simply text interviews. We’ll probably request pictures in the future to make the interviews look better.

Game Designers - Nathan and I are both pretty focused on game design right now, obviously. We’re part of the Board Game Geek forums right now, and are interested in talking to other designers.

Nathan did this interview with Irakis of LudiCreations.

Crowd Funding Projects – We’re also interested in anyone currently fighting the uphill battle on Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

Nathan did this interview with Joe Pilkus.

Artists – We’ve talked to a few artists out at Comicon while developing our Kickstarter for our board game, Rise of the Rock Star. We enlisted Jason Chalker to do the art for the game, but we also grabbed an interview with Ben Dunn.

Nathan interviewed Ben Dunn.
Nathan interviewed Jason Chalker.

The artwork of Jason Chalker

Photographers – Particularly interested in artistic photography, but if you can provide an interesting interview, contact us.

Writers – This includes book authors as well as other blogs. In fact, if you have a blog, and you’d like to interview us as well, we’d be happy to do so.

Podcatsers - Again, we'd like to interview you about your podcast, and if you'd like to interview us, we like to talk.

Musicians/Bands - I’ve always intended to focus some of my time and writing for the blog on music that I enjoy. For that reason, I’m devoting my blog post on Tuesday to music. I listen to a lot of underground, and/or local, and/or unsigned music, and so I would like the focus to be mostly on the good stuff I’ve found over the years, and continue to find now. I know a lot of bands locally, so I will be using the names Fort Worth and Dallas a lot, but it’s not a local blog, so bands from anywhere are welcome.

Nathan did this interview with George Call of ASKA.

We have an email set up for interview inquiries:

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