Thursday, June 6, 2013

ATW Updates: June 6, 2013

By Chris McGinty (

The Kickstarter for our board game, Rise of the Rock Star, is rolling on. We’re up to 3% funded, which is low I admit, but Nathan has set up advertising on Board Game Geek to start at the 30 day mark. Hopefully, that exposure to our target audience will generate interest in the game. Thank you to our friends, family, colleagues, and the one guy we don’t actually know in person, who have supported us so far. You can follow the Rise of the Rock Star Kickstarter Twitter and you can follow the According To Whim Twitter.

Also, even if you’ve already seen our Kickstarter page, we recently shot a video explaining the game mechanics a little bit. That video didn’t make it to the Kickstarter page, but a video similar to it did, so go check it out.

In the meantime, Nathan suggested that he and I come up with game ideas on our own and play-test with each other. He created a card game that we first tested while we were out at Comicon Fan Days recently. He also handed me 173 blank cards and jokingly said, “I want 5 card games made out of these.” It was a joke, but my mind said, “Challenge accepted.” I’ve come up with one game so far, which we tested recently. We’ll keep you updated as to how development of those games goes.

Lots of other stuff being worked on that we’ll talk about in upcoming weeks. If you haven’t read it yet, Nathan did an interview on Monday with Jason Chalker, who is doing the art for the board game. Nathan is also doing a six part review of army men, as in seemingly everything about army men, so check that out.

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