Thursday, April 25, 2013

ATW Updates: April 25, 2013

By Chris McGinty (

The plan is to start updating our audience on what we’re doing as a group on Thursday of each week, because I think we’ll be busy for at least the next three months. Hopefully, the momentum carries on past the Kickstarter. The most recent things that we’ve done as a group:

1. We’re recording audio shows again. We’re trying a different format for both the shows and the audio show webpage. We have some work to do on that, but when the new shows are posted, we’ll let you know.

2. We’ve started two Twitter accounts. The first one is for According To Whim. The second one is for the Kickstarter we’ll be starting in May for our board game, Rise of the Rock Star.

3. The Kickstarter is actually the focus of most of the things we’re doing lately, aside from audience building, which I believe is one of the main reasons for having a Kickstarter. I’ll write a blog post about why I believe that soon. We have a webpage that contains information on the board game and the Kickstarter.

4. We’re working on new videos. The You Tube Channel has been neglected for a while with the play-testing of the game. We’ll be posting new Game Reviews soon. We’re going to start doing “ChrisMcGinty’s Vlog” as a regular thing. We’re working on our Kickstarter video. And much more.

5. We put an Amazon link onto our website in hopes that we can monetize the website a little bit. If you buy from Amazon, and don’t currently use any other click through, consider using our website as a click through.

I’m sure I’m forgetting other work we’re doing, but this will make for a reasonable update for today. It represents a lot of foundational work for our daily routines in the months to come. As we produce new material, we’ll keep you informed.

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