Monday, July 18, 2011

Our Season 2 Reshoots Last Week

by Nathan Stout (of

This last Wednesday (July 13th, 2011) Miguel and Chris came over after work to get some shots done for Season 2 of According To Whim. We focused on Episode 6 and several shots that were lost in the Great Hard Drive Disaster of 2010.

Chris called up on Monday with Miguel on his party line (remember when that's what it was called... well I don't). So anyway Chris calls three-way with Miguel and asks me abruptly (in his usual manner) "are you free on Wednesday"? I answer in the positive knowing full and well what Chris wanted to do (since Miguel was on the line too). Chris wanted to get together after work and do some reshoots for Season 2. Miguel is having a 'Summer of Love' so he is a lot more free than he is normally so we jump at every chance to get him to join us on stuff.

Wednesday rolled around and they showed up. Chris was running a little behind because he had to train a new security guard he got hired (which he talks about in his last Thursday Blog... what a story). When they both arrived we pulled out the script and I booted the PC to show them the bits we had and what we needed to reshoot.

Episode 6:
  • Nathan is driving up to the house.
  • Nathan gets out and goes into house.
  • Nathan is looking for Chris in house.
  • Chris and Nathan walk to truck, talking.
  • Chris opens truck door.
  • Chris and Nathan walk to door.
  • Chris has a heavenly vision (I can't give it away so I will just write that).
  • Chris and Nathan find letter on door.
  • Voice over from Miguel.
All of this was previously shot and edited before the hard drive crash so we all knew generally what we needed to do but it's been 2 years so all of our memories were a little foggy. The first thing we did was reference the footage we *still had* and make sure we are wearing the right stuff. There is a scene in the middle of all this that we needed to match so we needed to be a little careful.

We got outside and started shooting. We didn't have too much daylight left so we had to rush a bit. I am sure we won't be able to match the original shoot but we did our best. I know that the 'heavenly vision' scene was really well done and I don't think we matched it as well. Oh well.

I had to make sure Miguel understood that the outside of the house has changed drastically since the original shoot 2 years ago. I made sure he shot a little as possible of the actual front of the house so you couldn't tell that's it changed so much.

With the exception of three scenes EVERYTHING that was originally scripted has been shot (with the extra exception of the final scene which I decided to change).

Does this mean it's over... not on your Nelly. Like I have written before in previous posts what is scripted and how that gets filmed is usually very different (time wise). I have discovered that each episode is coming up about ten minutes short. This means we have to shoot a bunch of filler scenes. We have done this several times but there is more to be done. Keep an eye out for more about Season 2.

PS: Incase you didn't see it we did a photo shoot during the last Season 2 filming day. Check it out!

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