Monday, May 16, 2011

Season 2: Winding Down...

by Nathan Stout (of

Isn't it funny that when you are working on something that seems to monumental that feel it will take forever to accomplish and you look up and you realize are nearly done? That's what I found out while doing some editing on Season 2 of According To Whim this evening.

I am down to fifteen scenes to shoot (and or reshoot) and only 1 and 1/2 episodes to edit. It IS still quite a bit but it is surprisingly close.

When it all is said and done it appears that all the footage that was lost came from Episode 5 and 6. When you total it all up very little was lost and unrecoverable:
  • E5S6
  • E5S7
  • E5S9
  • E5S11
  • E5S12
  • E5S15
  • E6S3
  • E6S10
  • E6S11
If you see a pattern you are not alone. All the 'lost' scenes were from the same episodes. Now there were a few more scenes from Episode 1 and 2 but I am not concerned since we already encoded the finished products. Out of the scenes listed above only one is going to be a real pain: E6S3 because it was the last scene we shot at the Fort Worth Water Gardens. The scene plays out like the one in Episode 2 between Nathan and Miguel. The only reason it's hard is because of the whole logistics of getting me, Miguel and Chris into Fort Worth during the week day.

The other scenes that make up the 15 total scenes to shoot (the ones not listed above) are scenes that we just never got around to shoot. There is a scene where Chris is coming out of a bunch of fast food restaurants with applications and it's something we just never got around to doing.

One of the big hold ups (besides the missing footage) is the editing. It can get very tedious when you are doing it alone but that's really the only we can do it for the time being. In future shoots I hope to be able to spread the footage around and have everyone do some editing to make the process run faster.

One day Season 2 will be done and posted and I can sit back and give a huge sigh of relief... for only a few moments because Season 3 needs to get going.

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