Friday, April 29, 2011

Season 2 Extras Day

by Nathan Stout (of

Wednesday April 27th I got some stuff shot with a character only aluded to in the Season 2 script. As you remember from my post about finding stuff to fill in the gaps in the timeline of Season 2 I was still on the lookout for more stuff to use for the show. Today I got a coworker to come over (who has not already been in the show, as many of them have) and we shot some scenes. These are the scenes I talked about in that Blog post about Paul Tygers.

Eric, a coworker that is actually posted to Medical Records showed an interest in the doing some shooting so I happily invited him to be in Season 2 (and later in Season 3). I had 2 characters that we could shoot that we had already established: Paul Tygers and Jim. Paul Tygers was a device used to simply have Miguel (the hobo living at the Water Gardens) already know about Chris and Nathan's rocky friendship. Where Paul was simply talked about Jim was an actual voice on a phone. Jim was voiced by one of the guys in Marketing, Blake. Jim's character was mainly a exposition device with some jokes thrown in.

Since I already had Jim's parts done and Paul was only talked about I thought it would be better to bring that character into the spot light and have him be a little more than just a plot informatin device.

Paul is a 'do it yourselfer' and a big time entrepuner. I figured his character to be very charasmatic. When Eric and I began shooting the filler scenes he took the character a little higher than I wanted (chrisma wise) but it seems to get a laugh (from me at least). We shot a talking scene between Paul and Nathan (when Paul is out hanging flyers), another scene for much later in the series when Nathan is looking for Chris and finally a short segment to be inserted into the scenes at the beginning of episode 6.

The final bit of footage we shot is probably the funniest. We setup the green screen and did a commercial for Paul Tygers: Handy Man. It will be a montage of things Paul will do for you. Everything from yard work to door to door sales man and beyond. Eric's commercial comes off as one of those Jim Adler, 'the tough, smart lawyer' commercials. I swear that sort of segment could go on forever. There is some funny stuff there. As a note we were supposed to use one of the prop guns I had but they are all down in storage so I just gave him my real shotgun to use as a prop. Good times.

All in all these scenes will account for about two and a half to three minutes of screen time which doesn't seem like much but it does add some variety to season and will be a welcome addition to my editing.

P.S. Apparently Jim Adler isn't the only 'Tough, Smart Lawyer' out there. Jim Adler seems to be slowing down now a days. He doesn't seem very full of pep anymore.

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