Monday, July 27, 2009

Rock N Roll Church

The wife and I are Church Shopping and we visited a church that was more like a rock concert than anything else (I guess this is so because I have never been to a concert). When you walked in, loud 'rock type' christian music was blairing; there was a full band, dramatic lighting, and even smoke. It had a very concert vibe going as well (I am assuming). Anyway the wife likes it so I might be going to a concert every weekend.

Oh yeah, and the youth pastor is Loren's 'good twin'


  1. Loren's "Good Twin". That was good!!! I'M STILL LAUGHING OUT LOUD AT MY DESK!!! I'M GONNA HAVE TO SHUT THE DOOR!!!!
    I really should'nt be having this much fun at work!

  2. Sorry, I just can't picture Loren at church. Definately not a CHRISTIAN church....gotta go back to work now.

    PEACE IN!!